now i get why people kill themselves

after a very intense first edition of my exhibition in cologne i´m very happy to announce the 2nd edition from 19-22.12. at stiftung bartels in basel!! more infos coming soon:) 


cologne edition

from 9th to the 11th of october i will for the first time publicly show my art (paintings, light installations, videos, music) in the gallery „bunkerk101“ in the körnerstraße 101 in ehrenfeld, köln under the title now i get why people kill themselves

most of y’all probably know me as a trumpet player and composer (for the wdr bigband, pascal klewer bigband, 222 festival etc). in this exhibition i will show paintings from my time in basel (at the stiftung bartels) and berlin, that represent my emotions in times of great personal changes. 
anxiety, dealing with my own toxic masculinity, lack of feelings of belonging in the working scene, overload, a heart-muscle soreness disease and basically the questioning of every element in my life led to a depression and complete social isolation.

through trying to escape those repeating thoughts i turned to painting and popmusic, where i tried to process those emotions and pain feels of the last months, something that seemed impossible through my usual outlet of playing the trumpet and jazz/contemporary music/composition. 

connected with light installations, live processing of the structural/polyrhythmic research with emotionality (with the „theconsistencyofdestruction“) and performative elements (w. lina knörr) the observer gets a view inside my impulsive, intense, overloaded and insecure world of my head. 

9.10. (sunday) 3 – 8 pm  

10.10 (monday) 5 – 10 pm  

11.10. (tuesday) 5 – 10 pm 

hourly performance by theconsistencyofdestruction (leif berger, felix hauptmann, roger kintopf, florian herzog, pascal klewer) and lina knörr 

an exhibition by pascal klewer 

the struggle with myself, my own masculinity, my insecurities, my art and living

funded by 

ministerium für kultur nordrhein-westfalen 

cologne jazzsupporters

initiative freier musiker:innen köln