For the next updates I will start a Newsletter soon, but for now here are two new Videos.

One of my Bigband feat. my hero Christian Lillinger, recorded live a year ago on 13th of january 2019 during the first concert of my concert series “Pascal Klewer Bigband meets.” . Film made by Sofia Eftychidou and myself.



And here also a Video recorded live in Düsseldorf  in december with my dear friend Victor Fox during our little tour with “Evan Parker is my hero”. Watch and share if you like it.



After a busy first half year of 2019 with numerous international tours, my concert series, my debut CD, MOZAH, Summerklaeng and over 70 concerts I took a short time off on the coast of Germany to continue my writing for my next bigband program (the complete new program already!!) . This time, after working on 3 complete Avant-garde Projects, I´m working for the first time in this series on 3 arrangements of my guest. Also there will be a Lina Knörr again on vocals, and numerous tunes by myself written for my band and the great Kit Downes (just named Rising Star in numerous categorys in the Downbeat Magazine!) . Studying and transcribing him has been an honor and so fun already, so pleasseeee come out on the of September to the Hinterhofsalon Köln

Another video of my bigband wuhuu!!

Some more exciting News, after the 3rd concert of my concert series in Cologne, this time at the LOFT with the british sax legend Evan Parker, there are many exciting Things coming up, MOZAH Release tour (listen here: ) , fun trio tour through Germany and Austria, Concerts in Israel, Germany and the USA with the BuJazzO and so on.

Reviews of my debut Album “Chasing Memories” in every big jazz Magazine, as well as on !

Lots of stuff Happening / coming up..

For now here´s a Trailer of my upcoming release Chasing Memories with my Bigband on UNIT Records. Also this Sunday Part 2 of my concert series, this time featuring the one and only Peter Brötzmann, new Music from me for this legend…



The End of the year is coming, super excited About 2019! Starting on 13.1. with my Bigband featuring the amazing Christian Lillinger! Music composed by myself just for this evening, get your tickets now!!


The Debutalbum of the Pascal Klewer Bigband is going to be released later this year, to stay tuned, go to !


Finally back in Cologne after some inspiring weeks in Germany and the Netherlands with the BujazzO, NJJO and NYJO and after a great tour through China with the LJJO Hessen. Also happy to partly Conduct the LJJO Hessen last week during their Arbeitsphase. By the way here are two new Videos! Once my Bigband feat. Niels Klein and once my trio live at JATM Festival. Enjoy! 🙂





After a great tour in Canada and USA with the Wonderful Bujazzo and also a fantastic concert in the Cologne Philharmonic Hall with trumpet legend Randy Brecker and playing with the famous singer Dianne Schuur at Rheingau Musikfestival, we (Bräumer/Klewer/Eftychidou) had the opportunity to record some new Music at the great Salon de Jazz Studio (Thanks to Clemens Orth!) . Soon we will share it with you!

The past Weekend I spent with my awesome bigband in the Recording Studio!! Really looking Forward to the results.. More soon, stay tuned!


We (Bräumer/Klewer/Eftychidou) just came back from our Europe Tour ! We had a great time and really enjoyed playing for everybody that came out! Here is a Video and some Pictures from our awesome trip!



















Again a Video from my quintet, this time playing a tune of mine called running.. Enjoy!







I´m very happy to announce that I will be a part of the fantastic Bundesjazzorchester in 2018 and 2019. There are going to be a lot of really interesting and fun Projects, as well as many great musicians that I´m looking Forward to!



Also there are two new bands in town! 😉 The trio Bräumer/Klewer/Eftychidou with 2 of my best friends and collaboraters that I really value. We just recently recorded some Music which you can find below:

We will be playing quite a few concerts this year so please come to see us! 🙂

Here you can also view some Pictures of our recording session by Florian Fries:






















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My new Band ,,Pascal Klewer Bigband” is an fully sized Bigband , playing my own compositions. The Band consists of many musicians that are already established in the german jazzscene. We will go into the Studios end of April.. Stay tuned!

Here a glimpse of our first gig @Artheater Cologne.. Fotos by Peter Tümmers!
























After our incredible 2 week tour with my quintet the first two live video  are up! Check it out , more coming soon!




I recently recorded with my duo with the amazing drummer Simon Bräumer in his hometown in the Odenwald! They are up on soundcloud, I´d really appreciate it, if you listen to them.


On the 25th of November the german Radio Station HR2 is sending a concert where I had the honour to play lead with the LJJO Hessen and the multigrammy-awardwinning singer Dee Dee Bridgewater! Tune in 7 to 8 pm german time!
























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