Pascal Klewer Quintett

The Pascal Klewer Quintet is a modern jazz quintet, founded in August 2015. The cologne-based Band around the trumpet player Pascal Klewer play exclusively own compositions. Colours, textures, polyrhythm and simple melodies are important parts of their music. Still there is plenty of space for interaction and improvisation.

The Band has performed all over Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.


Simon Bräumer-Pascal Klewer Duo

The two cologne-based musicians Pascal Klewer (tp) and Simon Bräumer (dr) have performed together in numerous groups,  since January 2017 the form the duo ,,Bräumer/Klewer”.

The intimacy of the duo and the constant interaction and dialog is what tempts us. The unusual setup/context motivates us to find new ways beyond the conventional roles of our instruments.

Foregrounded are Improvisation and freedom concerning the minimalistic construed own compositions.




The Music of the trio Bräumer/Klewer/Eftychidou is full of surprises. Tense grooves paired with radical spontaneity and the desire to enter unknown territories is what makes this trio so exciting. The cohesion of the three musicians is based on trust and the creative process to create something new, yet beautiful.

Their Debutalbum is going to be released later this year, recorded/mixed/mastered by Clemens Orth at Salon de Jazz .



Pascal Klewer Bigband


The Pascal Klewer Bigband is an contemporary jazz large Ensemble performing the works of Pascal Klewer. Their debut Album is going to be released later this year.

The Band:

Cay Schmitz (lead)
Marvin Frey
Ferdinand Schwarz
Stephan Geiger

Jonathan Böbel
Philipp Schittek
Max Steffan
Tobi Herzog (basstrombone)

Claudius Stallbaum (alto)
Tobias Züri Haug (alto)
Victor Károly Fox (Tenor)
Florian Fries (Tenor)
Kira Linn (Bari)

Lukas Wilmsmeyer (guitar)
Roger Kintopf/Calvin Lennig (bass)
Samuel Gapp (piano)
Simon Bräumer (drums)

Pascal Klewer

Other bands he regularly leads or performs with:


Landesjugendjazzorchester Hessen


BigBang – Bigband Duisburg (conducting)

He also regularly performs with several other projects as well as numerous BigBands or Brasssections.