Here´s a 40 minute documentary about the festival , go check it out:


And here´s an exclusive vinyl of the live recording with Kon Mo Nko , featuring Rudi Mahall, Johanna Summer, Reza Askari, Leif Berger and myself, playing the music of Thelonious Monk


9.3. + 10.3.2020

LOFT Köln Wissmann Straße 30

222 is a two-day festival happening on 9th and 10th of march 2020 at the renowned LOFT Köln/

The festival combines some of the most exciting and vibrant players of the current jazz scene in Berlin and Cologne. New bands, new collaberations, newcomers and working bands combined with stars and thrilling aftershowparties with improvised live Music each night.

Stay tuned for the reveil of the program.

2 days

2 cities, combining the 2 hottest cities in jazz in europe today

2 generations, constantly on the edge to redefine the genre, provocative and innovative, shifting the limits


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each night students 8 Euro / regular 14 Euro

Day 1:

19:00 Pascal Klewer Bigband meets Vol.6 – Pablo Held

Pablo Held (comp./piano).                Pascal Klewer (arr./comp./cond.)

Simon Arnold (lead), Marvin Frey, Ferdinand Schwarz, Gabriel Rosenbach
Philipp Schittek, Jonathan Böbel, Max Steffan, Tobias Herzog
Tobias Haug, Asger Nissen, Victor Fox, Florian Fries, Kira Linn
Simon Bräumer (drums), Felix Hauptmann (organ/synth) , Lukas Wilmsmeyer (git)                                vocals: Lina Knörr

Pablo Held (Born 1986) has been a massive influence to many in the european jazzscene for a while now. In 2006 he founded the Pablo Held Trio with Robert Landfermann & Jonas Burgwinkel, which has released 10 successful albums on Pirouet Records & Edition Records since its inception.
Many of the recordings were on the best lists of the worldwide trade press. The American magazine “All About Jazz” calls the trio “a world class trio of special talent“, Ralph Towner talks about it as “an important example for the evolution of the piano trio in jazz” and John Scofield praises the trio as “one of the best groups of today’s music“.
Pablo can also be heard as a sideman on over 30 recordings.
The WDR Jazzpreis, the SWR Jazzpreis, the Horst & Gretl Will Scholarship, the Förderpreis des Landes NRW and the Westfalen Jazzpreis are just a few of the prizes and awards that Pablo Held has received over the years.
Pablo Held has collaborated with John Scofield, Ralph Towner, Chris Potter, Jorge Rossy, Nasheet Waits, Norma Winstone, Mark Feldman, Anders Jormin, Dave Liebman, Tom Harrell and Mike Gibbs.
Concert tours take Pablo throughout Europe, Asia, North & South America and Canada, often in collaboration with the Goethe Institute.
Since 2017 Pablo has been curating his own concert series at the LOFT in Cologne called “Pablo Held Meets”.
Since 2018 Pablo Held has been on the road with a new exciting project in addition to his longtime trio: “Pablo Held’s Buoyancy Band” with Kit Downes, Percy Pursglove and Sean Carpio.
His organizational show itself in the work with Cologne jazz collective KLAENG, which he co-founded in 2009 with his friends. KLAENG is hosts several festivals, concert series, workshops and runs its own label KLAENGrecords.

For this concert Pablo pairs up with Pascal and his Bigband, already renowned in the jazzzscene, having worked with none others than Peter Brötzmann, Evan Parker, Christian Lillinger, Kit Downes, Niels Klein and Christopher Dell as part of their successful concert series “Pascal Klewer Bigband meets” regularly at the LOFT Köln.    They´ve also released an Album on UNIT records.  (get a look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I03HSuCg7To)

The concert will be an exciting combination of completely new and exclusive arrangements by Pascal of Pablo’s latest release with his trio (get a preview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEAJ5Aiamy   as well as completely new pieces composed specially for this night.

more about Pablo: http://www.pabloheld.com/

20:00 Kon Mo Nko – Celebrating Thelonious

Rudi Mahall – bassclarinet

Pascal Klewer – trumpet

Johanna Summerer – piano

Reza Askari – bass 

 Leif Berger – drums

Thelonious Monk (1917-1982) was one of the most influential jazz musicians of the last century, his unorthodox piano playing and his attitude towards improvisations are decisive for the development in jazz and music. His works are played all over the world and some of the most famous standards are composed by him, such as Blue Monk, Round Midnight, Bemsha Swing and countless others.

For this night, the cologne-based rhythm section around  drummer Leif Berger (Salomea, Totenhagen, Leif Berger Solo, and many more)  and bassist Reza Askari (ROAR, Stax and many more)  and Pascal himself,  pair up with the young berlin piano talent Johanna Summerer (Bundesjazzorchester, Junger Münchener Jazzpreis, Johanna Summerer Trio) and the renowned bassclarinettist Rudi Mahall, most known for his work with Der Rote Bereich and Monk´s  Casino (w. Schlippenbach) as well as any others.

The band will combine free improvisations with a selection of Monk tunes, leading to an unpredictable concert experiences, transferring Monk´s sprit in today´s time.

21:30 Aftershowparty: BOKOYA

Ferdinand Schwarz – trumpet, electronics

Darius Heid – keys

Lukas Willmsmeyer – guitar/bass

Leon Raum – drums

Bokoya – is a four part Jazz/Hip Hop band from Germany. They improvise, shape, and develop beats in the electric field of repetition and variation – almost sounding like they grew up inside a humanized drum machine. As a live band Bokoya created a strong and original concept of composing on the spot, performing unheard songs on the stage: Colorful grooving and floating atmospheres are built with the vibe and response of the audience.

Day 2:

19:00 Bräumer/Klewer/Eftychidou feat. Ronny Graupe

Simon Bräumer – drums

Pascal Klewer – trumpet

Sofia Eftychidou – bass

Ronny Graupe – git

For this concert the cologne-based collective trio Bräumer/Klewer/Eftychidou pairs up with Ronny Graupe, guitarist and composer from Berlin.

Graupe is one of the most exciting forces coming out out of the vibrant Berlin jazz scene. His bands “Spoom” and  “Gropper/Graupe/Lillinger” (formerly known as Hyperactive Kid) as well as his work in bands such as Rolf Kühn´s Unit and Pablo Held Glow have massively influenced a new sound of the younger generation. “His high-energetic, yet deeply controlled playing and his unique sense of melody and harmony deeply touched and influenced us“, says the collective around drummer Bräumer, Eftychidou and Klewer. The trio, having played together for 2 years now, already touring Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Luxembourg and Greece, describe their music as following: “Tense grooves paired with radical spontaneity and the desire to enter unknown territories is what makes this trio so exciting. The cohesion of the three musicians is based on trust and the creative process to create something new, yet beautiful.”

This unique, yet so well working combination of individuals will be presented for the first time on this occasion.

20:00 The Consistency of Destruction

Felix Henkelhausen – bass

Roger Kintopf – bass

Pascal Klewer – trumpet

Christian Lillinger – drums

There can’t be said much about this line-up that isn´t already clear. The combination of two of the most prolific young bass players on the scene right now with none other than the incredible Christian Lillinger and trumpeter Pascal Klewer.

Lillinger redefining the border between classical, new music, hip-hop and experimental jazz new every day with his provoking, and discursive projects, is constantantly on the verge of creating new things and his huge influence in european jazz is undeniable. His multiple bands rank from the trios Grünen, DLW, Punkt.Vrt.Plastik, Hyperactive Kid to revolutionary large ensembles with exciting lineups (f.e. 3 pianos, 2 basses, 2 vibraphones in one band) such as “GRUND” and “Open Form for Society”.

Also berlin-based bassist Felix Henkelhausen is despite his young age already in the inner-circle of the hippest bands in the scene today, having played for Petter Eldh and Robert Landfermann in bands such as PHILM and Speak Low. Despite his frequent work as a sideman with multiple bands (for example Nate Wooley Knknighgh and Peter Gall Quintet) he leads multiple projects such as the constant concert series with Ludwig Wandinger “Future Bash” in Berlin, his own quintet with Uli Kempendorff, Wanja Slavin, Elias Stemeseder and Leif Berger and multiple others.

Same goes for Roger, who for the last years has established a strong voice within the german jazz scene, playing and having performed with Loren Stillman, Travis Reuter, Billy Test, Frank Gratkowski, Jonas Burgwinkel, etc. He works as well as a sideman in small and large ensembles featuring guests like Kit Downes, Christian Lillinger, Evan Parker, etc. and leads his own exciting quartet with Asger Nissen, Victor Fox and Felix Ambach.

21:30 Aftershowparty: Ludwig Wandinger Solo

Ludwig Wandinger is a drummer/producer, based in Berlin, who has worked with the Berliner Ensemble, Robot Koch, the Notwist, Lucia Cadotsch, Jim Black, Dan Nicholls and many more.

His musical output is a glooming mix of glittering sounds, brainfeeder-esque beats and torrential sound design.

He is presenting a live concept, in which the typical electronic live performance gets fully reshaped through his influence of the improvisational approach of raw, contemporary avantgarde music.

design by: Luisa Melzig


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